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Hello everybody,

I finally managed to release my new homepage. I worked on it for quite a while now and I am really happy that it is finally running, even tough there are still minor bugs, which I am trying to fix as soon as possible (especially when it comes to mobile phones) . My last homepage was based on HTML/CSS and also the design was really outdated (I attached a screenshot at the bottom). I finally wanted to have a website based on a Content Managment System (in this case WordPress), so I have a nice platform to work with, without editing the code the whole time.

For me it was really important to keep it really simple and clean. The whole homepage basically exists of a portfolio and a blog, which was the most important thing for me, because I want to do some regular blog posts in the future.

Who am I ?

My name is Patrick, I am 21 years old and a Graphic Designer and Photographer, specialized on esport. When I was a little kid I always was super excited to visit my grandparents, because they had a polaroid camera and I loved to take photos with it. But because my parents only owned a video camera, I got more into filming and video editing when I was a teenager, which I still enjoy. Three years ago I finally got a Canon 600D for Christmas and I enjoyed taking photos with it more than anything else. Every photo I took was so beautiful and I thought I had the most powerful camera in my hands. Looking back at my photos from 2012, I can only shake my head. (attached some of them at the bottom)

I mainly started doing landscape/ architecture photography, because I grew up outside of a bigger town and we basically had the pure nature behind our house there were countless things to shoot.

How did I came to esport design/photography? 

As teenager I worked as volunteer for ESL and also played some games semi-professional. I visited my first events (IEM, EPS, and so on) and I really enjoyed it. At some point I joined one of the most famous esport organisations out there: SK Gaming. I was super happy and started publishing little articles and news as editor. They also gave me the possibility to visit events – one of them was Gamescom. I took my camera with me and started doing photos of our players and the esport events which were going on there. Because my editing skills were bad and I had no idea how to use photoshop, I started to teach myself everything about graphic design. I got better and better in editing my photos and also started to create graphics for SK Gaming. With all the stuff I created, I made a portfolio and sent it to ESL as application. The rest is history.




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